Thursday, December 3, 2009

Police protection

I received the below email from a person who claims her statements are true?? What do you make of it??


Annie Elizabeth Parker

To Whom It May Concern:

I have written a statement which I will call Reality 101 and hopefully the reality will be illustrated and the misconceptions in the situation resolved, in spite of what a junkie shrink’s interpretation of reality happens to be. The Missing Women’s Case I have been involved with for the past eight years has been a nightmare of corruption and abuse. So hopefully I can shed some light on the problem which does not seem to register based on the intelligence level of the officers. Hooker game is a game being played on the force using date rape drugs to pass around the women on the night shift and it is definitely a hate crime which the whole force tolerates. This is obviously what is behind all of the missing women. The lack of an ability to deal with this seems to be tied into the masculinity issues of cops and the absolute stupidity seems to be tied into a difficulty accessing the logic department and the zero police work and performance in eight years, I could hazard a guess as to what that is all about. So I will do my best to explain, Virtual reality is a fictional level of reality , hooker game is based on drugs that are fairly sophisticated and create a state of conscious sedation, it is apparently played in law enforcement with computer hacking and a bogus paper trail to cover up the criminal activity. While this is taking place, the story line is this is actually the female’s fault with a fairy tale the issue is mental health. Which ironically it actually does boil down to as the force’s story is so ridiculous as to their case it is actually unbelievable they expect anyone to buy it. The whole issue is very insulting to anyone’s intelligence. Normal men do not kidnap and gang rape women and call it a game . To assume their badges give them the right to do so is a little bit strange, since one assumes law enforcement is actually based on the law. Apparently the secret in law enforcement is to pass around women in the sex trade on duty and at the police station and the Z room and clubhouse using date rape drugs and a prostitution ring to do so and running the women with undercover cops from some department, probably vice. Obviously this is linked to cult activity and gives members access through the system to target adult women in connection to the sex trade which can go untraced through law enforcement cover ups. Then of course there is a whole chain reaction. Illegal adoptions for pedophile rings and cult activity.
After eight years of involvement in the missing women’s case I consider myself to be the expert on what is going on, especially since I was put in to the ring because of the assumption I was a prostitute. I am quite certain the ring and the game in law enforcement is behind all of the missing women. I found a large bag of gold powder in my apartment as the force attempted some framed criminal activity as I began to speak out. After eight years of rapes and abuse I have had everything I have worked my whole life for destroyed and my dream forever. I was doing a good deed and helping the missing women and I assumed the cops were doing a real case but it was actually a joke for a bogus case. And in the end analysis, the force knew what was behind the murders of course and put together a crooked case and did a dragged on bogus case pretending they could not locate their predator Boudrias, (possibly Boudreau) whom the case was about. The only resolution to the bogus case and the abuse and harassment from it, ongoing in my life seemed to be exposing the reality and telling the real story and letting the issue go public, and stating the facts of my life so that law enforcement had some clue of what was actually going on outside of the corrupt version and case. I survived so much abuse and it only escalated every time I reported it. It went as far as facial slashing and torture and still the force refused to act or clean it up or do a real case. Every day seemed to be a deranged war to destroy my life further for getting involved in the missing women’s case. So I decided to write out my story to tell what took place and to explain what was behind the murders and why it is still ongoing. Some one had to do a real missing women’s case and it looked like it boiled down to me. It appears to be a mass form of genocide based on the fact law enforcement is behind it and the game is out of control. The predators can hangout where the game is being played and target that specific escort service front and find girls full of date rape drugs. Of course this is part of the system of murders to cover up money laundering and the ring so it is rigged and deliberate.

With the dollar in pornography of course men will take the dollar and game as far as they can as a money maker and will take it into a venue of kicks and competition to see how far they can push it. The men involved in the ring assumed it would be a competition to see how much money they could make from my body from the men on the case and force as some sick inside joke. I never would have believed how totally and completely evil the force is in it’s abuse of the women. Based on what took place within the bogus case, I saw it illustrated how far they push it for a Neanderthal dominance issue. The rules of the game appear to be if the women report it they are beaten, and if they persist they are killed. Many women reported rapes and beatings and medical record tamperings to Civil Liberties over Getz a mental health nurse on police force, he was never fired. The women are quite powerless in the sex trade when they are full of date rape drugs and there appears to be a Gestapo mentality to dictate that they must to provide free sex to exploitive officers or be beaten. I wonder if the women reporting it actually lived after they did. I would like to state for the record at no time in my life have I ever been involved in the sex trade or pornography. I had the misfortune to date a creep who was involved in the game, he wrote a report at a party I went to as a teen with date rape drugs involving prostitution. According to one cop on the case I met this took place at age nineteen in 1976. It looks to be the undercover cops are using drugs out of the evidence room to sell and this is the standard method of bringing money through the tax system via money laundering. Hopefully by going public I can expose the hypocrisy and publicly set to rights the missing women’s case so it does actually pertain to the missing women. It is quite ironic how the whole situation has gone. I have no idea if I was carted off to jail or what took place but of course I did not actually turn into a prostitute.

Since that time thirty years later it has destroyed all of my children’s lives and childhoods and my life and my sisters and one brothers living in town and my father was recently killed for getting involved to help me. So it really challenges the belief the police are there to help people, apparently so it they fit into a certain acceptable social class. The first awareness I had of what was going on was waking up with a busted jaw and a broken nose as a single parent with a two year old. I had no idea a lunatic junkie in law enforcement had decided to stalk me in the game with break and enter but this is still currently ongoing. It came to my attention that illegal adoptions are being done through a system of hospitalizations on night shift with knock out drugs so the women are not even aware of what was done. The medical personnel are involved in some reproductive psychology department. Many times I did not date for a year or two. I did not become aware of the game until I left my boyfriend in Ontario who was tied to Robert Nolan. I had break ins on my property and all hell broke lose as I ditched the last connection Nolan had to my life. A war of sorts began and the violence grew and my apartment was repeatedly broken into and drugs were left on the property. Obviously some one had a key to my apartment. If I moved elsewhere it continued, the type of men involved are clearly complete weirdos. The basic issue of this being a game the skinheads in law enforcement and intelligence play and tolerate is actually a hate crime against women and needs to be addressed as such. There is no other method of describing gang raping a female for the night and claiming she is working as a hooker, with pedophiles and sadists in women’s homes and claiming it is okay they are sex trade workers who cannot defend themselves in a crooked and exploitive system. The scam is to beat and abuse and totally terrorize the women in the sex trade and initiate them into the game. Then they are brought to the clubhouse to turn tricks on date rapes drugs and perform what ever sexual acts the men demand or get beaten. The money is collected from them at the end of the night by the person bringing the person. It appears as if the women are working but they are not even cognitive, there is a zombie label for the women in the game. This is some creepy joke the force came up with to get free sex, and then it evolved to a ring. It certainly appears one character involved in the criminal activity saw the game in motion and believes I am a sex trade worker.

The women are forced to turn tricks on date rape drugs in some form of sexual slavery and the money goes to the person running the female, it appears pornography is the large piece of the money laundering dollar . But the system appears to be to collect pornography and run the girl for a while and then drop her off with a predator and then release the pornography. The women would find out since it is sold publicly and since they generally do not choose to do pornography, then the illegalities would be exposed eventually. Since the force is tolerating the game on duty, that is all the men do on night shift. If the choice is law enforcement to help the girls or to play and cover-up the game they choose the latter. There is no possibility for law enforcement in the picture since the men are given a choice and they all of course choose to exploit the women. That is not actually called a police force. That is all they did on the crooked case and ruined my life. They actually think it is all quite funny. The adult film industry is one of the largest money makers out there. Since the whole police force was tolerating hooker game and watching all the abuse, this evolved due to the apathy about how far the exploitation went and that law enforcement was leading the criminal abuse with their attitude rape is a game. Kidnapping is involved and the cop’s clubhouse and escort service front and brothel are involved. If any other citizen was kidnapped once there would be a huge response from law enforcement, yet this is considered acceptable because supposedly the women have no status and no value. On the downtown women’s center computer that I use there is a program to test my memory on the bogus case, done by primary master Max with his primary slave and secondary master creative doing the tests. These are two rapists doing a joke for a case testing my memory hacking into a computer on a crooked case . The story is I have a brain injury and memory deficits which is not true but that is the official explanation for dropping me off to be killed on the pig farm and the date rape drugs used . My ex boyfriend Robert Nolan is involved in an underground prostitution ring operating with in law enforcement. The women are given scopolamine which is a derivative of belladonna and it creates a state of conscious sedation ( love potion #9 from the Beatle’s song)

The drug has been used in the intelligence field for many years and in the psychiatric field for experimentation in the behavioral field. The psychiatric field also uses it for compliance with difficult patients for medical treatments they must participate in and with in the institutions for sedation and cooperation. But the abuses are apparent within the system because the patient is not cognitive and therefore the mental health system appears to be abusing this drug and the patients rights. All the women get shuttled into the mental health system if they run full of drugs or are injured. The authorities are never called to report the injuries and the women are abused with in the system and kept drugged to cover up the criminal activity and released full of drugs to the person who dropped them off in the ring. The medical community would know the correct name of the drug and in the psychiatric field it would be common knowledge what the properties were and obvious the patient was not cognitive. I do assume there is also an antidote, just as in the dentist office with conscious anesthetic there is an injection given to the patient that brings them out of it to go home in five minutes. The drug has one name and the drug should be monitored and it also has an antidote which could be given to drugged women in cases of injury to get the correct information. Apparently the medical community and police force need to get with the times to resolve what is going on.

The women do what they are told and it leaves no residual memories and this has spun off into a game with all the missing women victims of it. When Cameron was doing electroshock experiments in Montreal on mental patients for the CIA, he got caught after he picked on a politicians wife. The experimentation was to see how many electroshocks it took to remove memories and it looks to be tied into their game. Kevin Annet got involved in aspects of the case and disclosed there is sadist experimentation taking place with his report on indigenous people and abuses on the net. It appears he is in on the clean up of the so called case undercover. He works at co-op radio with some show. In his report he specifies the game is widely known and tolerated with in all levels of law enforcement and government. But his report of my statement is not truthful so he is certainly corrupt. He knows exactly what I said since he did a twenty minute videotaped interview of the case. In his statement I found out my domestic violence counselor, a minister called Karen McCandless-David was killed for reporting the abuses on the case and getting involved. She left behind three little girls and a husband. The police just refused to do a real case, instead capitalizing on it to play hooker game with the joke for a case and it got derailed into total corruption and never did become a case. The experimentation on the women appears to be pain tolerance and smacks of sadism. This looks to be the standard discipline if the women talk or run for compliance. Mental health arrests are standard if the women are injured or flee. The hospital used looks like Riverview. The game has evolved twentieth century style to more sophisticated methods of abusing women in the sex trade. All of this horror story abuse is taking place on the women incapacitated by the date rape drugs and locked in institutions because the law enforcement men are out of line and going some place they have no right to go. The game went public coinciding with the world order of Nazi youth basing Vancouver as their international headquarters in the early seventies. Roughly ‘72 was when the escort service front began with law enforcement taking their ring public. Since then it has evolved into a 1.5 billion dollar business, with roughly ten business partners. There is a hotel and a strip club and bar and taxi company to run the girls on drugs and pornography outlet to launder the drugs and of course a phoney corporation to run the ring on the business end. The brothel is a large downtown hotel which appears to be functional day and night and is perhaps why in eight years no police work has been done and that is a lot strange with 100 men working 8 hours a day and a hundred million dollar budget. So obviously with nothing done and no predators busted, it is a bogus case and the force is refusing to catch itself but well aware of what is going on bottom line.

The business aspect appears to boil down to seeing what the profit capabilities are and how well the game can be played to generate revenue. Of course it spun off satanic based on what the sex trade is all about and the level of male exploitation of the women fully drugged. If you take away the law and the women’s rights and make it a business, then of course lives were sacrificed as a method of making money and running more girls. The dirty cops running it hate the women and with their greed and power chase, they destroy the women totally as one component of the game. In order to control and silence the women it is common knowlege the pimps must first break the women, so they can reap all the profits. The cops seem to really get a twisted thrill out of doing this. The women being drugged makes the crime invisible but putting women in that position is very unrealistic and evil. The cops actually consider doing this a joke. The fact they are abusing these women’s rights and bodies are why Andrea Joesbury died a horrible death at the pig farm at seventeen. The newly released video called Tears for April tells the story of April coming to town at 17 and her sad death on Christmas Day when her body was discovered in a Downtown Eastside dumpster at 24. She was a very beautiful girl and her young son was left behind. Andrea left behind a toddler she was trying to regain custody of. The odds are so stacked against the girls who run from dysfunctional families and arrive in the city core. There needs to be a provincial prostitution unit restarted which was disbanded recently. The girls need to be given some card from there as they register with there escort service license from the city, it should be similar to B.C. ID and with a photo, social insurance number and escort service license number and perhaps their address. This ensures the money is going through the tax system and there is a check and balances in the system. This needs to be done to remedy the system and protect the women. There also needs to be a resource center based on their need, with a model similar to Crabtree Centre on Hastings Street, being built with perhaps some of the seized illegal rings money. It should include addiction counselling , prenatal care, emergency housing and meals and help exiting the trade and referrals to other agencies. The organizations tend to exploit the girls and staff are often negative. The correct staff to run the centre professionally would be the YWCA to handle the contract. Their standards and work at Crabtree for Native Women is excellent. There appears to a story the women are exiting the sex trade and being helped in this operation. This is the story for the ring in my life, so this is the crooked scam, the cops are using.

Of course the predators have found a method of running the women on drugs and keeping all the money and turned the game into hunting the women. It looks like the buddy system is used since the women cannot function independently on the drugs and just like one can train a dog to be a person’s sight, the women are taught to function on the drugs and navigate the sex trade with variable success. They are treated like animals. The tax boys are looking the other ways with a helping the girl’s story or corruption, I assume. But when the sex trade and the male brain are involved there are many strategies of explaining criminal behavior and calling it prostitution and the women’s secret or strange career and some men actually believe the story. Most people are not aware of how the sex trade operates or the women work. The large increase in the number of women going missing became apparent after the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) came to town with “ operation pipeline” which is strike oil and get rich I believe and work undercover in Narcotics in Vancouver and retire young. There are plenty of men capable of policing the drug trade in the city of Vancouver. With a North American market for the drug trade and money laundering, the problem became more serious and went to a new level. With sexual predators from Miami and Detroit the murders increased and the spin off was a sadistic prostitution ring that went far beyond bent. As of ten years ago if a sex trade workers body was found it was classified as NHI, non human related incident and no stats were kept or investigations done. Also if a girl went missing , no one would take the report, this has changed only in the last twelve years on the Vancouver Force. But based on the large numbers of missing women reported to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, close to four hundred have disappeared with no new reports via the force so it does not look like that story is true so the statistics are a valid count of all the missing women. Of course reality would reflect the real story and then work would have to be done to pick up the predators. The stats are one woman is killed a week and often times two .How this is supposedly acceptable is ethnic cleansing of sorts.

The game is based on a hate crime and hatred towards women and the women would become infected with AIDS or other diseases based on the fact they are not there cognitively to practice safe sex and men generally do not bother. It appears the rationale for the force doing the bogus case and looking the other way with all the murders is I believe to keep their “game” clean. And the prostitution ring of running the women on drugs and keeping all the cash has capitalized on the cold blooded mentality and I assume the excuse is the girls being murdered are infected. The cops do continue to rape and play hooker game within their prostitution ring and this supposedly is okay since it protects them from diseases (and passing them on to wifey,) They are raping women like it is a game and the end result is they sentence hundreds of women to death. A bogus story of aids in healthy girls and their callous attitude is all it takes for the ring to kill each one and collect the money. There is actually no excuse for the murders of these young women.

It is beyond my comprehension what a power trip these creeps in law enforcement happen to be on, and no one will stand up to it. The Vancouver force is so corrupt and mismanaged for this to be taking place, one wonders where the brass spend their workdays and how much time, in between playing their game. The kickback appears to be free girls and hotel rooms and drinks and meals. The fact they actually believe in law enforcement they have the right to judge if the women live or die based on a hate crime game is a reflection of the patriarchal system taking law enforcement into it’s own goal’s and objectives and accepting that abuse of women is acceptable within the establishment. The laws for the sex trade have become outdated based on the game and the sophisticated date rape drugs and the internet. Major changes need to be made to protect the women. What is taking place is a sympton. I believe brothels like the ones inEurope are necessary for safe sex. They protect the women and have weekly health checks and ensure safe clean sex for all. This is the wise solution. The cops run the only brothel in town which is illegal and no one will shut it down in spite of the fact all the girls are killed. This is how “normal?” men prefer to have civilized sex, even if they all have to all be part of collective murder. This is slightly bizarre, but some men appear to be puritanical and hypocritical in the sex department when it comes into public issues. I believe this is because they link sex into their male egos and then loose track of reality. This is apparently how unhinged some men are in the sexuality department and in regards to the sex trade, and putting cops in to run the situation is like throwing a match on gasoline. There is certainly a healthier solution such as brothels. There would be competition to see which was best and the businesses could make a fortune and so would the taxation folks. The businesses and business men would fine tune the sex trade and establishments into a perfect situation. That is really what is needed to solve the problems with the predators. It is time to move out of the dark ages. There is nothing more evil than what I have seen on the bogus case with the ring. The sex trade needs to be handled intelligently because sex is not evil, but in connection to it, many men are. The laws that criminalize it need to be changed. This is the only realistic way to prevent human trafficking. The government and city officials should get involved in the effort to prevent trafficking since children are being dragged into it.

New and stronger penalties and laws should exist for the predators before it gets worse. The women should be told to work in or through an escort service and have a license for it to be legal. If they are breaking the rules then a fine or ticket should be given via the city, same as speeding or illegal parking. If the tickets or fine are not paid, then they could go to jail just like any one else breaking the law. Possibly city bylaws are the correct solution. At that point law enforcement can enter the picture, but female cops should police this area. That is about as serious as the laws need to be. The solution is the city needs to make up the rules with licenses and regulations and a regulatory unit. How is it the city cannot not ensure the girls have licenses and work with an escort service, which would have tax deductions and a paper trail? It looks like it is pretty straightforward to me. If it was mandatory the women all would comply, they wouldn’t have a choice. They ‘d pay a few fines, maybe go to jail once and then they would tow the line. The vital piece of the puzzle men are missing is there needs to be a system that functions, that protects the women. This is not punitive. This protects them, the public and society from the spin offs of the downside of the sex trade. The system could be monitored by computer, and the paper trail . If the woman is working legally and within the system, then the system would reflect it. The women should get a license from the city that enables them to work in the sex trade, and it should not cost more that twenty dollars. It should not get mailed out due to identity fraud, they should pick it up, just like at a community center and stand in front of a camera and get their photo taken. Then once their ID it is registered with the city, with in the computer system a copy can go to the provincial prostitution unit to monitor the trade. On the system should be the girl’s social insurance numbers which would be required. This would then have to line up with her tax return and if need be RevenueCanada could be linked into the system. There would be a system of check and balances with in a computer program and no one would need to do a thing. The city and province need to set up a system and incorporate it into a computer system so it functions smoothly and links into the required departments. Money laundering would be exposed at escort services with no tax records for the women. The main problem is the system, the people in charge of the whole overall situation on one level need to be the city, since it is a business situation. It’s ridiculous to hand it to the cops. When the women find work, the escort service that hires them must be regulated by the city so they take tax deductions and record the women’s social insurance numbers. Within that system there can be perks, women registering with the provincial prostitution unit could get their license fees waived. In that system all the women would get licenses, even the ones who could not afford it. There could be a mandatory health checks once a month at the prostitution unit with again some perk. This would solve the problem of aids and std’s passed to the public which is why the cops are killing the women.

The centre for disease control could set up a program that works and since the children are being targeted, there should be monthly pregnancy tests as well. This would be a better solution to the issue, since not all women choose to work in brothels. I believe this needs to be put in the system. The city needs to set up a unit and create a strategy to help the women and create a healthy system. There are many groups such as Wish and Pace for advocacy groups which could offer input. The key is respect, the women are working but the system is taking the profits and running the businesses and not treating the employees fairly. The women’s safety is compromised due to exploitation. This is discrimination just like the bogus case because exploitive men will try to make it all about the men’s needs.. There is no excuse for picking on these women and abusing them in the workplace and within the governing agencies due to a stigma of their choice of work. That is called sexism and it is discrimination based on their occupation. It is the oldest profession out there.

Men and women are equal and this needs to apply to the mandate of working in the sex trade professionally and safely. Now any real man could set that into motion with the same skill as they build skyscrapers and bridges. Some one playing with a full deck would not give that to a cop. Men often take their power issues into the sex trade where they do not belong, and if they were fair, there would be a system to protect the women in the sex trade. The men are obviously not doing their jobs in the public sector to deal with the problems. To blame the women is infantile. Cops perceive they get to make up what the law happens to be but that is only as long as the public is uninvolved. The problem is a gap in the system that has created no paper trail and caused all the deaths of these women, this needs to be remedied. Then this specifies the system must be effectively overhauled and the city should take responsibility. I have not heard of this problem in Montreal or Toronto or Victoria? Apparently their system works. Some cities have evolved to a positive system. Where are the real stats of the women killed over the last ten years and what are they? Classified as non human related incidents as a joke? Sadly enough I am pretty certain they are there. In my books the problem needs to be dealt with by setting up a department staffed by women to clear up and monitor abuses of sex trade workers so the system remains positive, like most cities manage to do. What B.C. is notorious for it taking its political causes to heart, and I am sure the story was maybe true many years ago some women did get help exiting the sex trade. Then of course men found a way to rip it all off. Based on the net and adult film industry and aids and the times and the huge increase in date rape drugs the situation is not realistic at this point in time.

The men with Civil Liberties and Pivot and all the organizations I went to for assistance were no help. Vancouver has a lot of armchair warriors. Slanting the issue off on to the women and to prejudice is what is the excuse happens to be for no real case but political games do not actually excuse slaughtering hundreds of women. To dehumanize the women to the degree their lives and children’s and their case is actually a vapid political argument is completely inexcusable. Women do not create their abuse or happen to be responsible for it because they work in the sex trade. The abusive skinhead mentality that claims this is so is obviously trying shift the blame for the abuse to the victim and to re victimize the women. The police force that actually has the gall to try to blame the women for gang rapes and beatings and a skinhead hate crime. The standard method of dealing with complaints is the mental health team. The mentality is she has to be crazy to have got their number, or smart enough to cause problems and they will not admit to what they are doing so it is a catch 22 situation. They refuse to deal with the problem. I am sure the women do eventually grasp what is going on and stand up to the abuse. To expect to be treated like a person is lunatic because it doesn’t exist in law enforcement. The cops will reinforce this with beatings and facial slashing and serious abuse to underscore the point. After recovering some memories of the “game” I realized they surface after a matter of time and all the women grasp what is going on and report it and the only reason for all the murders bottom-line is so the cops do not get caught for their “game” and it continues, otherwise it never would.

The level of disrespect towards the women is clearly so complete because it is a hate crime. The force is not about to admit to money laundering or kidnapping or rapes or a prostitution ring. Nor will they admit to murdering the women or beatings or illegal adoptions since their job description is law enforcement. They would not admit they did a crooked case and rigged a phoney testimony from the pig farm to cover up their criminal actions. So apparently there is quite the story there. A mass grave of women was discovered up at UBC and the find of the bones was reported to the police, there was no investigation. The land belonged to some one connected to the Pictons. The majority of the illegal adoptions take place up at UBC and it appears the women knew they were pregnant and lives were sacrificed as a method of selling babies with a trafficking ring for children. There are research project with false fronts for the baby business up at UBC. The large number of infant transfer ambulances passing Kitsilano enroute is a little strange with no specific neonatal unit there. Clearly something is going on. It is slightly horrifying to think where some of these children are headed and that this is actually taking place in the corrupt system of police and hospital personnel. These are the smallest innocent victims of the game and begin their lives alone and in the system that stole them from their mothers. Apparently Serena Abbotsway was a second generation outcome of a mother killed in the sex trade and foster care system and then exploited and murdered also. There is a high incidence of the children being abused and exploited in the system. With three murders of toddlers the government set forth three recommendations for change and one year later nothing was done. In Victoria the attitude was if you murder the children in foster care such as three year old Serena killed in restraints, then it was somehow acceptable with in the system.

The ministry is not doing its job in protecting the children, I reported a missing daughter one year ago, nothing was done. The problem needs to be addressed within the current case to deal with the evil and the exploitation. The problem is corruption within the ministry obviously. The reality is people need to start getting involved so it does not progress and further. The force is supposed to be protecting the women and the ministry the children, that is their mandate. With the beatings and abuse I am experiencing the force is really fighting to push through its bogus case and storyline and has no intention of dealing with it on the level or taking responsibility for what is going on. Perhaps they need to be humiliated into doing so. The real story from the pig farm would be a start . The firefighter punch out on tape with You tube was recorded the night men tried to protect me during the first pregnancy before the child was stolen on midnightshift. Hence the argument over medical attention. The men fighting the cops went to jail badly beaten. An article on stolen children would be a good start in exposing the problems to the general public which should be the media’s responsibility. A rule of thumb is not to believe the cops version but check the facts in the situation with their “game.” These women and children are citizens of Vancouver. Ideally if the illegal adoption circuit is cleared up the children can be reunited with their mothers and live normal lives, then the positive impact on all of the lost children is huge. Hopefully some of this will take place so even if the mothers did not make it, there are uncles and aunts and family for the children to connect with so they can live lives just like everyone else. Based on the illegalities today there are four of my children who were stolen and I do not believe the births were recorded on the record properly and obviously there is a system. What the system is for my four missing children I would assume is the scam within the system for illegal adoptions. It strikes me as very similar to the Native people’s situation and residential school as to what is occurring to the women of the sex trade and their children. The large current pedophile brothels appear to be group homes for handicapped children where some of the children are placed as toddlers, so there is a rigged system for children in schools for the predators and I assume the game has a pedophile spin off. The system is again corrupt and it is based on supply and demand in a city where the law enforcement is corrupt. The Harry Potter movies speaks in veiled terms of the reality of some children’s lives and childhoods , paying for the crimes of the cops and their “game.’ There is an infant frontal lobe research project which is funded by the Americans up at UBC.

This is based on a government that tolerates the abuse, we all know who oversees the police force and to again target the native community is inexcusable. If most of the city and government workers sit and play cards and pass around women all day in a brothel, which it appears some do then no necessary work gets done. All the children currently warehoused are paying for this fact. I am sure the cops have a story of how the pregnancies are dealt with and I am sure there is a white picket fence in the story but since they are dumping two bodies a week, then it is easy to do the math. If there is a buck to be made, that is which way they are leaning. Illegalities in the medical system and ministry create a huge human trafficking market for the public and who pays most the predators or parent’s looking to adopt? The sex trade has its place but to call it a game, to manipulate forced labour and take away citizen’s rights and break the law is sexist. The impact lands on the women and children who pay the price and this is unacceptable, and it has created this situation which needs to be resolved. What kind of cowards run this police force and town? Our government has a myoptic view of what culture is and what culture is tolerable or not. To have the whole country speaking two languages because apparently the French Canadians called it like it is, is not the solution based on how few French people there are. But the government shelled out millions. The government survey on the sex trade with politicians from Ottawa landed in Vancouver a few years back and I explained how I had my hands broken and that there were beatings and rapes on a so called missing women’s case in my home. I spoke in front of the sub committee, it was recorded on camera and in French and English, yet nothing was done. The funding would be better spent dealing with and cleaning up human trafficking. The study was a group of men surveying the brothels of the continent to decide if legalizing prostitution was a good idea. What law enforcement happens to be in this country is sadly lacking based on posters put up by the government to report human trafficking, they should be taking care of the problem and if law enforcement does not work there needs to be a national level of law enforcement across the board that Ottawaoversees. In 1980 when the situation came to light with the corrupt force, a dozen or so politicians came out from Ottawa and investigated the Vancouver Force and the media reported the facts. Three pages full of crooked officers were reported and yet it does not look like anybody fired them or cleared it up properly. There needs to be a standard of law enforcement of what is acceptable law enforcement for women and children, regardless of their social class or occupation or race, that would be called culture.

The only lesson I learned on the entire horror story of a case is what real class is and what it actually is. A beautiful girl gave up her life because she cared about me and helped me to escape from Picton, she was a sex trade worker and died standing up for me. Within a culture lies the larger problem when class is identified with a specific social class and standing and when men and women do not have the class to stand up to tyranny within law enforcement, there is no cohesive society or culture possible based on a class system that takes precedence to equality and the human rights of all people. Certainly the solution is a provincial police force so there is streamlined law enforcement and a system of checks and balances and since the RCMP is so negligent on its crooked secret case, we can all assume they do white collar crime and are passing the buck on this one. It certainly does not work as a police force for general crime. Since they are a national police force there should be some government mandate. I am a little bit stunned at how backward and downright Ozark law enforcement is in this province. It is a port city and now the predators and serial killers are gravitating here from the states and hiding out and what is the end result? They have women delivered to them to kill, cops to cover it up, jobs in law enforcement for a couple and criminologists call Vancouver the killing fields. Law enforcement being outdated is what the problem is. Also a defunct method of a provincial overview with it’s objectives and also city one.

The missing women are a symptom of an ill society with no compassion for their abuse and lives and children. There is not even an actual case. Law enforcement has to be drastically revamped and brought into the current times and run properly with government responsibility factoring in so there is respect for all citizens. That is what our country is supposed to stand for, The true north strong and free. Canada sold out to a large degree, to the Americans and film industry when they came up to cash in on the pornography and the green Canadian people. They are certainly not carving up their own citizens for horror flicks. Hooker game originated from the States.

The medical community is involved in the game and one kidney will pay for a doctor’s entire medical education. That explains some of the medical community’s complicity. Taking a game into law enforcement has started the pattern of other men doing the same in their workplace. Medical facilities, the research facilities, group homes for children. This how some men will choose to create their work enviroment. But the cops are setting the situation in motion. It will just go further and further with more abuse and men involved. “Mail order brides” are available to overseas, with delivery via the military. I was abducted in 2000 by Jean Guy Boudrias or Boudreau and the force began their crooked case. He was located at Kits Beach in 2001 after a 911 call I made and a dirty cop filed his particulars and let him walk claiming it was not him. According to the force they cannot locate this man in spite of speaking to him , collecting his information and in spite of the fact he is missing the tip of his baby finger. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp his correct identity. His buddy is running the crooked case so that would be the conflict. He appears to be the man spotted abducting and killing Breanne Voth for which the boyfriend was framed.

I was dumped off at the pig farm at year two of the case and this took place with break and entering and date rape drugs. I was taken to the hospital and kept drugged and returned by my ex boyfriend on to the property of my home. The police never spoke to me or received a testimony in regards to the pig farm . It appears they did a crooked falsified testimony using date rape drugs for a cover up of their criminal activity. I assume this was why there was a media ban. The person behind the murder attempt was not Willy Picton, it was actually Dave Picton. I have a memory from the date rape drugs of being brought to a legal building of some sort and some legal proceeding transpiring there. I am not sure how the Picton testimony was taken and how some one gained adult guardianship or power of attorney. My family and next of kin was not notified for the medical treatment. I believe some type of legal guardianship took place illegally on the case at some point in order not to get caught with the game. Due to this cover up my whole life was ruined. That level of a power trip is astounding. The false testimony was taken since there was an agreement to hand over my life to Picton by the cops running the prostitution ring and the case. Also word from all the women at Wish, a sex trade worker’s drop in was Dave Picton lived at the farm and several of the women I spoke to lived with him for periods of time and he was involved in snuff movies with the film industry. There was a biker clubhouse on the pig farm and a lot of bikers were hanging around there. The clubhouse was called Piggy’s Palace. Many large elaborate catered parties were held and women were invited and there was an upper class of folks attending for what ever the blood thrill of slaughtered women happened to be. The women were killed on a regular basis and when there was difficulty getting the sex trade workers out there, the drug dealers gave the women a credit of drugs to pay off through the sex trade. After they used the drugs they were forced to pay them off working parties at the pig farm or to be beaten. They went to the farm and were murdered. The whole story of the reality of the pig farm was such a horror story but it tells how evil cops are. Dave Picton moved on to kill women for eight more years on a regular basis and moved the pig farm down the road to a new location.

It appears the cops would like to pin it on a gang or outside party but that is insulting to any person’s intelligence. There are two key groups responsible, one is the main group. The Klan with their hate crimes and activities is definitely one. I made the connection on what was going on after seeing my ex sporting a biker outfit. He has many pals in the situation and one is an undercover cop Red, hanging around on Hastings. He is a narcotics officer and also is a member of a biker gang. The real story appears that the gang in law enforcement running the prostitution ring looks like a biker gang. Within the brotherhood of men in law enforcement there is supposedly no problem. I have been told there is a bogus biker gang and which one it is I am not sure. One chapter is all cops. One main group is a front for cops to sting out the bikers. The undercover cops are dealing drugs and setting up the other biker groups for weapons dealing and drug dealing. But in the process have become criminals after getting too involved with the drugs. The solution to this is to exploit the women and prey on them and use them as the solution to the downward spiral of addiction. The farm illustrates how sick and crazy the men are based on what they did to the women. The force was of course looking the other way with drugs from the evidence room being laundered and sold. The women were exploited as the men ran them on date rape drugs as mules and the force did nothing since they used them for their ring and game. They all knew within the force what the real story was when they began their joke for a case, using the men involved in the criminal activity. The fictional ring and exit the sex trade storyline is only a twisted joke of the force plays it’s “game.” It looks as though the group of men in law enforcement running the prostitution ring never planned on getting made as cops or the murders coming back to them.

Law enforcement is well aware of what is behind the murders and drug dealing and money laundering. But the Vancouver Force is completely crooked and evil. It’s clear this is not a workable solution on any level, to be dealing drugs with a prostitution ring in law enforcement but the crooked Vancouver force thinks it is too slick to be exposed. Free sex with drugged women apparently has all the men looking the other way. The boys club inside joke is how far they exploit the women. It is the most disgusting situation I have ever seen in my life. The gang behind all the murders is a group of men in law enforcement for certain. Explosives began coming on the property about year five of the bogus case after I survived every murder attempt. The case is totally crooked and protecting the interests of money laundering in law enforcement. I returned two replica ghetto blasters to the force and both times they did a mental health arrest illegally and confined me to a hospital for a few weeks and pretended to the staff there was no case involving myself, I was crazy and supposedly suicidal and supposedly violent and I was supposedly in need of medication to understand reality. Never in a million years would I ever have believed how evil cops are in their game and case and exploitation of these women. Since they perceived I was a sex trade worker, supposedly it automatically became my fault. It is quite the Nazi mentality. Many men in law enforcement went to their lawyers to have their names stricken from the record of being there at a party the night I was almost killed by Picton. There was a story in the media after I recovered the memory of the farm and went public, as to how it happened to retaliate for the fact I had infected some one with Hepatitis C. I have received a medical disability and seen a specialist for Hepatitis C since 1999. This is common knowledge, so for the cops to have decided to put me into the murdering prostitution ring on the case and to pass around a fatal disease to the general public was really negligent.

The key objective was obviously to kill me for going public, so I assume the women are supposed to fear the men and keep quiet since they are cops. There was much criminal activity from 1976 exposed when I got involved in the case and told the real story. Certainly my ex boyfriend’s career was at stake as a cop. Law enforcement would get made for the ring if the real truth came out on the case or if I lived through the case. The cops also could not cover up what they are really up to with illegal adoptions and rapes and pornography and money laundering. They were slightly dead in the water, so they played victim and gave away the level of their abuse and corruption and exploitation. Then supposedly I was the criminal with bogus busts and framed stories. I never would have believed such a level of evil was possible as to how the force behaved on the case. In essence they made themselves totally when they picked on me for helping the missing women. I had my hand sliced up and the force calls one case “project even handed” The level of hatred to these women in law enforcement is quite unbelievable. I spoke to one woman who had a boyfriend digging up the pig farm , she confided in me when I told her I was involved in a case and spoke of how a mass grave was discovered at the farm and a large number of white roses were thrown on the grave and it was then covered up. The link between the escort service front and where the women came from was obvious and so it was covered up. There is really no other explanation for what took place other than the force was behind it and spent millions digging up every inch of the farm, going through the motions and bought every white jumpsuit inCanada from law enforcement for the clean up effort. How hypocritical could you get? The FBI came to Vancouver after I called them and told the task force I believed the Green River killer was in town. They came to town a few weeks later and went to the force. The force took them to WISH and paid a sex trade worker to pose as me. The girl happened to be called Annie, so they did speak to Annie. The women told me about their visit later when I went there and the girl that was paid told me a cop had paid her to lie and that the person behind a large number of murders was a cop. So obviously he is. Shortly after the FBI went back to the states Robert Gates was busted as the supposed green river killer conveniently. He was actually only responsible for a few murders. Annie was picked up after she revealed this to me while I was wearing a bug from the case, she was admitted to a psych ward and killed. The serial killer appears to be Bob Krisco and he is an individual connected to the game and has made one murder attempt and one abduction attempt. He is listed in the directory on McKay Street or Avenue in Burnaby. He tried to talk me into driving to the Squamish highway area where the cabin and hunting camp is the cops and predators use. It appears to be another rural location for murdering the women. This is where Boudrias attempted to take me. In close proximity, according to inside information, is a large mass grave which is an abandoned mine shaft or reservoir in the area, or something of the sort. Another mass grave is in Stanley Park where the women are dumped with cement bricks into Beaver Lake which is miles deep.

At no time in my life have I ever worked in the sex trade nor have I ever received any funds from the industry. There appears to be a cell with a live in sex trade worker on the property of the brothel. The terrorized girls likely comply with a story they are working for exiting cash or a big bonus and no one would bother to see if this was true based on how the men treat the women. There appears to be numerous locations with cells in the favorite haunts and workplaces. The cells do not always looks like a locked cell. They are billed as hotel rooms or apartments except the people never leave alone. I would assume by this point there would be one in their clubhouse location. I would not be surprised if there was one on the property of 312 Main in the basement file room. Date rape drugs are used for phoney busts if some cop would like to stalk his girlfriend or sell pornography or pass the woman around in game so he does not get charged. I assume there if a price tag within the game or system. It appears that under lock and key the women are terrorized or killed for fighting back and if they do not comply with providing sex. The level of exploitation never ends or has any end result and all the cops and men know this.

Based on the reality the game was operating in my life for many years with out my knowledge and when I decided to get involved in the missing women’s case some one was in very serious trouble as the facts came out. Apparently my first child was born outside a hospital while I was confined and involving the game in my teens. Hence the psychiatric story began. I have no memory since it involved date rape drugs. I only found out about the child a few years ago. This was the first illegal adoption. I am sure there are some women who never catch on to the game or find out what happened. I did my addiction recovery and was extremely clear by the end of it. Then the whole story began to unravel on the case, but the cops and criminals weren’t thrilled to see it exposed on the missing women’s case on a netsite and under surveillance. The only solution seemed to be to discredit me and frame me and murder me while pretending to do a case, which is pretty bizarre. The so called case was 100 men having an eight or nine year party with 100 million dollars. Free women for the whole force compliments of the tax payers was called a case. There is a trophy room within their set up where a trophy of some sort is kept of each girl killed. The Vancouver Force did one case and The RCMP did a separate secret investigation. One was supposed to be legitimate which I assume is the RCMP one and the other was a joke case. Of course the men knew the real story behind all the murdered women. The level of male abuse and patriarchal system is more slanted to abusing the women and it does not generally get past that unfortunately. They are basically taking out their hatred of women by raping and abusing sex trade workers, like it is a joke to rape a female's body. Their egotistical power trip needs to be taken down to size by public exposure of the problem.

The fact is law enforcement refuses to actually enforce criminal code. They have a different priority. I was put into the second level of the game, which is what looks to be the sentence if the women step out of line. There is some competition over the dollar and I have heard of come men resorting to fake weddings using date rape drugs and life insurance scams and bank account fraud. It appears left to the male imagination there are many methods of retiring young and exploiting the women through out the game and making a lot of money. I have never been married. But it looks like that ploy was used in my life and with identity smokescreens and with so much criminal activity the assumption was I assume it would never be exposed. The identity smokescreen has an Anne Parker born January 31, 1957 and an Annie Parker born July 31, 1957 and supposedly that changes me into two different people. The case has involved a pig farm so called testimony and many years of a bogus case and cops are claiming there is no involvement in regards to myself, to hospital staff and other cops. There must be some type of fabricated identity fraud in order to carry this out. I am not sure if it would be Amie Parker or Elizabeth Parker involved in the so called case but I am sure my actual real identity and name is not being used by the Vancouver force or else they could not get away with all the criminal activity. It is quite ironic there is so much criminal activity in law enforcement and it links in to the sex trade as a cover for drug dealing and money laundering. All of the case notes regarding my medical records are on the Prime or Paris case note system. I collected them from a legal advocate in order to find out how to collect a blocked pregnancy test result. I spoke to many cops working on set under cover with wires and many questions, but no one ever did anything. The only assumption I can come up with was the force did a crooked version of a case. The story I believe is I victimized my ex who was supposedly helping me in the sex trade so that would explain nine years of rapes and retaliation. I assume this was to regain their so called masculinity with in the ring. I would have to call it femininity since it destroyed my life and I am now doing their job for them with this report just to get the creeps out of my life.

I first began my statement twelve pages of essential facts to illustrate the reality to the force and then decided to elaborate on it as my official version of events for the general public and my own case for the missing women. The real story is quite dark and I do not believe the cops will be telling it. My father was a journalist and a role model for me and I decided to write the story out and give it to the media and expose the facts as a solution to the problem. One twelvepage statement of the basic facts was given to law enforcement a month ago and rapes continued, blocked medical attention and murder attempts and kidnapping. Clearly it is necessary to go public at this point. Hopefully the facts on paper are something they can understand since there are many explanations, and it is pretty hard to be killers and victims at the same time. Reality does exist and everyone else manages to cope with it but apparently their masculinity issues are quite dysfunctional to put it nicely. The paradox is no one is responsible and it is supposedly not taking place and no one is doing a case and therefore this must really mean the problem doesn’t exist. With the Neanderthal male ego, the Neanderthal man is about as dumb as a fencepost. There are a couple of psychopaths in the picture and the key ploy is to tell the cops to be sure they don’t get tricked by a sex trade worker because then they aren’t really men. This has allowed reality in the case to go out the window. It appears to be the problem is some kind of victimization paranoia they have that women could outsmart or overpower them, like that would take an effort.

At present Robert Nolan and Tom Tasse (Plant) are both involved . Plant may be Michael Plant getting one million dollars for testifying against the bikers in an anti narcotics sting operation. I met Tom on a movie set for the first time working background at the PNE on a movie called Mermaids six years ago. We dated briefly and I dropped him months later, five years ago. He was involved in criminal activity and the gay community and he was a friend of my ex. The game seems to operate as a method of stalking the women met in the game also, and an undercover cop is required, for keys and access and plausibility to cover the illegalities. I dropped all my male friends and quit dating over three years ago, this did not stop the power trip the cops were on. I am really curious as to how they plan to come out of it good guy rapists. There is a prostitution ring in law enforcement with their clubhouse and also with the intelligence field with their clubhouse. They use different escort service fronts for their game and ring. I have a creep from each stalking me, so I assume one is to be the fall guy if I go to the cops and one will continue on his stalking and ring. The problem is a lot out of control, but I assume they know the bottom line in law enforcement but they play a game as though the problem is some bad guy they can’t catch. This is slightly lunatic with cops and intelligence creeps sneaking past internet site cameras and missing women’s case cameras with two cases going on. Strangely, with kidnapping and their pals waltzing in and out with break and enter, they’re convinced with date rape drugs they are somehow really invisible and its not law enforcement cause they said so and they are all trust worthy people. They cannot sell me this story, of course they have eyes in their head. They assume women are stupid. They are pretending they really don’t know who is behind it or how to catch anyone or clean it up, but no one said these idiots were the brightest light bulbs on the shelf. They all act like it is actually a joke to rape women. The abuse and game is tolerated as a joke because of a law enforcement power trip and they allow and watch rape and murder and refuse to act or clear it up. The stance is they refuse to do law enforcement when it is reported or gets out of hand which is a violation of the charter of rights. This problem needs to be addressed and corrected internally. The fictional story some really brilliant junkie came up with is all is connected to my life in the sex trade, assuming I am in the sex trade. But since I am not nor have I ever been, the whole scam of running women on date rape drugs has been exposed. The fact of the matter has not actually registered in the brains of all the dirty cops on the bogus case, so we can safely assume they are doing a lot of the drugs they sell. I have reported rapes and a pregnancy and murder attempts and nothing has ever been done. I decided to drop the case and remove my involvement out of it with the force and to do my own case with an expose. I notified the force one year ago. This was due to a baby stolen for an illegal adoption, with tampered test results and a crooked case. I was taken out of my apartment on date rape drugs, kidnapped by my ex and taken to a hospital where surgery was performed to remove the child, and kept sedated on the same drug and returned to my property minus the child. This is apparently the basic procedure in illegal adoptions. The child was kidnapped by my ex who had no right to be on my property and after this was reported, nothing was done. I am assuming this took place on the bogus case to cover up what could have been proof of a rape or interracial pregnancy. I could not believe in all the illegal activity and dragging a child into it. When I thought it was not possible to be any weaker a ridiculous excuse for a man, there was always another level of cowardice.

There is a method of sticking together and that may be why it was all considered a joke, no one would deal with the problems and because their illegal game is where they prove their masculinity. Since they do not actually have any as it turns out the whole situation is extremely strange. Apparently this truly on par with their masculinity and to even imagine being victimized by a sex trade worker sends them right over the edge. I spoke to a legal advocate to access paperwork to see what happened with the baby, notes from the mental health team involved with the bogus case stated the baby was involved as a vendetta for the fact I fought back and stated there was a brokerage collateral agreement with the family doctor.

There was a joke about a murder attempt on my property and in the notes it said forensics was a good method of dealing with disputes, I barely lived. A 911 report in my records stated there was a false abandoned call the night of Feb 16, 2005 and I may be charged with false and abandoned calls. I was taken off my property unconscious in an ambulance with a severe head injury. I think I was thrown off my balcony from the second story of a house to hit the pavement of the driveway below. I went through agony trying to recuperate as there was a lot of damage to my skull and even trying to recuperate there were further rapes and beatings. The assumption was the case was sewn up and there was nothing I could do about it. After being attacked by a police dog for fighting back with in the “game” I wound up with three inches of scars on my chin. One officer in my reports joked about the attack and states when we asked her about her pets she became very cagey. No cop ever spoke to me in regards to my pets. It seemed a point of pride as to how well they destroyed my life for exposing their game and reporting the abuse and fighting back, as if it implied power. The assumption was I assume, no one would get caught and since the belief was that I was a prostitute no one would believe me. I was treated like they treat prostitutes and it is beyond belief how many times I was raped and beaten and abused in nine years. It became clear that no case was being done, in spite of the word at Pivot was there was a clean up in motion but that certainly was not the case. At nine months pregnant I am writing this statement to get the bogus case out of my life and the evil creeps involved. Based on many hospitalizations over the years, I realize the women are kept drugged with the mental health system covering up the game and injuries. They are given drugs to keep them in the scopolamine state till they are released with the person involving them in the ring. Apparently no one is aware the cover up involves medical personnel and of course the almighty dollar and the women are dealt with as mental health patients. Otherwise dozens of beaten sex trade workers would set off warning bells in emergency, all coming from the same escort service. All of my hospital records would include a drug the medical community uses which blocks cognitive ability and has the basic same properties of a date rape drug. All of my medical records would verify this fact, including the childbirth ones. I have never even met the child I gave birth to two years ago. She is the latest missing woman and she is only two years old. The whole mental health scam is exposed when cops do their jobs. The basic issue of the problem boils down to criminal negligence based on what the end result of the case was. There should be men going to jail over kidnapping an infant two years ago.

The cops on the case I believe thought I was working illegally or working and receiving a medical disability and ripping off the government. They decided to enforce the law with rapes and their game for some twisted variation of law enforcement which I assume is standard procedure. I was quite ill with advanced hepatitis C and I needed sleep not abuse. I was abused in their prostitution ring since I think they thought it was a fun way to work their case and pass around my body and there was nothing I could do about it. To have assumed this okay on the missing women’s case, the men involved believed since I was supposedly working as a prostitute so there would be no repercussions. My ex is involved in the drug trade and using heroin. The ring is the method of distributing the drugs publicly and using the girls to move the drugs. The ring appears to function mainly as a cover for picking up and moving and buying the drugs and I assume the women are the mules and the cop pimps remain uninvolved and in the background. Because it is a slur to the so called squeaky clean image of cops all of the problems within their crooked ring are blamed on the women. The sex trade and the cops are at odds so subterfuge would be necessary to get into these women’s lives but sex trade activity is necessary for the drugs being moved. I believe the game evolved and the underground ring grew to create the best financial picture. The game fits with catering to and linking in to the deficiencies of the men with Neanderthal problems. This is generally the type of man that goes into law enforcement, they have large control issues and issues with women. The end result of the game is homicidal when the women fight back in the game and ring because the cops do not believe they have the right to do so. The issue becomes a hate crime based on how far the cops take the game and fight to push it in women’s lives.

The underlying problem is a lack of masculinity in law enforcement and leadership or no one would tolerate a game to rape women. The solution needs to be a code of honor in law enforcement and awareness of what is going on with in their departments and force and some standard of law enforcement. When there is actually leadership and accountability in law enforcement and a real police force in this town perhaps this will take place. Perhaps the skeleton staff on duty as the rest of the men lounge around their clubhouse night and day, does not make for much of a police force. At one point I was put in cell, shortly after reporting rapes to Pivot and I was locked up over a” she stole the wallet story” based on my memory. The force refuses to release these records. I was raped and beaten and suffered many broken ribs and internal injuries and a ruptured spleen and punctured lung and crushed sternum. I went for Xrays at St. Paul’s. I almost died from the chest injury which was left untreated. This apparently the justice system if a sex trade worker speaks out. What happened to me is what is going on behind the scenes. After all of the abuse I began to feel like I was fighting an invisible enemy called racism or a hate crime and no where in law enforcement was the solution to it. The sexist attitude with cops creates the hostile atmosphere where this whole disaster excuse for a case took place. If men were raped and dumped in mass graves and numbers, the source of the problem would be cleared up in one week. Women are also people and citizens and yet the mentality is the women who work in the sex trade do not deserve a real case. The punitive attitude and judgment when the situation is a matter of life and death, is a little hard to grasp. The cold blooded political argument the cops use passing the buck as to whose job it is or which force is really responsible, is a little bit difficult to understand. The women are supposedly to blame and the men are actually sitting there having a party instead of working while more women are killed. The basic issue boils down to class, no man in general would target the women for murder and abuse and yet the cops do not have the class to protect the women from abuse in law enforcement or the public or to even do a real genuine case. Even when it turns out law enforcement is behind the murders. I could never have imagined any men as low class as the ones I have seen in this situation abusing and beating my body at nine months pregnant. It seems like they all crawled out from under their rocks in the drug department. I basically withdrew from the case since the level of corruption was complete. I reported what was going on to the police complaints commission and nothing was done. They did absolutely nothing but refer it back to the force, with reports of rapes and illegal adoptions and torture. The department the ring operates from is the vice or drug department on the Vancouver Force. It appears there is a cast of characters in the game with a shrink, doctor , and cop that links back to 1976. A few old boyfriends are the current criminals still selling children and kidnapping women and decided coincidently to sign on to the crooked case. Obviously they’re using their professional credentials to profit and cover up the game with in the system. One person involved from 1976 is John Hoffman, an old boyfriend. I have been hospitalized only twice in the last ten years without the game being behind the admission. Once at VGH 2006 and once in 2007 at St Paul’s.

The method by which the game is played is the men appear to be in and supposedly are in the person’s day to day life. I have not seen or dated any of the characters involved in thirty or twenty-five years. And interestingly enough they all wound up involved in the bogus case as my so called doctor and shrink and dirty cop ex- boyfriend which is slightly strange since they are not in my life. But it appears they are covering their previous criminal activity but it is a little odd that in law enforcement never once has reality entered into the equation. I suppose if it did the hypocrisy would be exposed and the forces criminal ring and game. I have lived alone with one apartment on Yew St. and another on West 8th where I have resided for nine years. I have a six inch wide scar on my right elbow from a car accident and I really don’t think in the entire period of time there was any difficulty locating me or my actual identity for a subpoena or court case on Picton or Boudrias. I have never used any name other than Annie Elizabeth Parker, my birth certificate name is Anne. This is my maiden name, I have never been married. On the paris casenotes or prime from a legal advocate it states my birthdate is January 31, 1957 but actually it is July 31,1957. I gave birth normally to one child in1978 and four other children were stolen in illegal adoptions, the last one two years ago. I have never suffered from or been treated for a brain injury in spite of how someone covered up a murder attempt. Based on the level of prejudice the abuse has extended to severe facial slashing and the cops still will not remove their case out of my life. It has turned into harassment with records for a baby’s health being withheld in an attempt to force me to participate in a crooked and abusive case. I found out my cell phone was replaced with a replica and there was a program linked to a net operator and financial deposits moving through one program and also a list of many names and handles, whether they are badge number or CB handles I do not know. I assume this is the list of the so called customers. I made a copy of the list. This is the method of how the prostitution ring is managed. I threw away my cell phone eight months ago and disconnected the program yet the creeps still will not remove the ring and game out of my life. The handles are disgusting Lt.Bite, Pinpoint, Vut smile, TLC Ben, so apparently this is how the men on midnight shift amuse themselves. I did not give the phone to the cops because by this point I realized they knew exactly what was going on and were playing some game of cleverly and deviously exposing themselves within the so called case. They’re refusing to assume responsibility for the problem, and passive aggressive games and tactics seems to be their modus operandi. I would assume they are too gutless since there are a lot of major criminals involved in law enforcement and with in the politics of the system, some one would need to be a man to stand up to it. The part where my mind does go blank from the level of evil is how some one could behave as such and sentence three hundred women to death and not bat an eye. There is only one group responsible for the deaths of all those women.

There appears to be a paper trail on my email with 26 charge cards, I had none. I think there is a female accomplice with my ex using the cards for a paper trail so it looks like I have some earnings and am spending them. Now the cops have been doing collective murder for the last five years based on my ex’s criminal activity due to negligence. I currently have no money, an eviction notice, 10,000 worth of bills and a ruined credit history and 10,000 overdue back rent and no saving or assets that I have ever acquired myself. What my ex has done with the finances I am not aware. I quit a part time job with Hollywood North due to the fact Boudrias was following me to the bus stop with a gun at 5 am and I knew I would not live unless I quit working for the time being , and that was almost five years ago. My financial picture is pretty basic and linked up to my social insurance number and the taxation system. I really don’t actually see what the confusion is. But I do not assume the cops brag about money laundering or tell their bosses. The sites for spy game are linked to the net and intelligence field and I suppose this is to watch women’s sex lives for entertainment. Internet stalking does carry a ten year jail sentence. Somehow in law enforcement the men consider themselves above the law. One person has put my entire home on a spy site. One of my current stalkers works in the intelligence field and I have a type of stalking/witness protection with rerouted mail and telephone calls. My father as it turned out had been mailing me gifts and cards for years before he died I found out from family. I received none as someone perceived him a threat to stalking. The level of danger from the so called game is astronomical and it also filters down to family and I believe it is deliberate. How it goes I believe is the stalker rescues the girl from the game and gets the girl. But of course there doesn’t seem to be door number two in the equation.

I have only had two doctors in Vancouver since I moved back ten years ago from Ontario. Anna Borowska at the Maple Medical Clinic and Diana Barrigar at The Bayswater Clinic. It would not have been difficult to clean up an illegal adoption when it was reported before two children’s lives were ruined. It appears with in law enforcement the sex trade worker is the supposed criminal and bad guy but the level of hatred aimed at the women is quite intense. The men who hate women go and pick up a sex trade worker and take it out on them with abuse and violence, as they are a specific target group. At the beginning of the case I heard a few comedians, there were many slurs and there were numerous hooker jokes to degrade and mock the women. The police should be monitoring the criminal abuse and instead are actually leading it. This says violence towards these women is acceptable and there are no repercussions. That speaks of a society that has lost it’s moral fabric. It has ceased to treat women as equal citizen’s within the law based on discrimination. Currently it allows hate crimes towards women to go unpunished. One shrink wrote a report for the cops I saw in my medical file, he was an addiction’s doctor I saw for a month or two. He reported claimed I said this was freaky and that was freaky and his report was some type of smirk. Since I have never used that expression in my life, I would safely assume he is playing hooker game with the rest of the men. Apparently the so called game is pretty wide spread, the medical and psychiatric field is involved, law enforcement and intelligence. The military and firefighters and paramedics are also quite involved. Also the film industry and music industry. The paying so called customers look to be military and the firefighters hanging around with the cops to launder the money through an escort service front. I have never signed power of attorney or given anyone any legal control over my life. It looks like some legal ploy was used to take control over my life through the game and the person using it is not actually in my life. I guess no one did their jobs since they were proving what powerful men that they really were abusing my rights and body with the belief I was helpless in the situation, and that was some sort of power thrill. Actually I was not under anyone’s legal control nor did I have a brain injury and every last detail of the case and every rape and break and enter was illegal. Also every surgery and in ten years they actually never noticed every single detail of what was taking place was illegal and they supposedly did a case. Of course criminals lie and stalkers don’t tell people they are stalkers, if they are involved in break and enter and rape and kidnapping and a law enforcement career. Based on the obtuse brain the men have in law enforcement they really miss the obvious in criminology, like motive perhaps. I wonder is perhaps there is a bogus identity of the person involved in the case and since the case is bogus this all fits. And perhaps this is the reason they are pulling all the criminal activity. I am aware there are many dollars and assets from the last thirty years of so called work in the sex trade. I do not have any or access to them and I would like them so my ex does not profit from what he did to my life and as compensation. What took place needs to be cleaned up with the illegal adoptions and the actual problem resolved which is a violation of women’s rights.

The missing women’s case needs outside input to come out positively and the public needs to get involved. People need to demand the facts of the dollars and manpower and status of the situation so the case does pertain to the women. I have never had any involvement with cops for the nine years of the case except for reporting rapes to Linda Malcom at Wish and 911 call regarding Boudrias and one episode of two cops coming over to discuss the case once but nothing was done. Plus many 911 call reports with Boudrias. The so called game has ruined my life and family’s . Now I would like the cops behind it to be held accountable and action taken to clear it up, I will not be involved in the process. Of course it is a cop involved in money laundering and since I have no cop friends or boyfriends and I never have, it does not look too difficult to narrow down. With in the force it appears anything goes but no law exists to deal with the problem. The cops refuse to do their jobs and criminal harassment becomes part of the picture. The hypocrites at the VPD could deal with it if they called rape what it is rape. They should call themselves what they are tolerating this mess, cowards and rapists. No one will deal with the prejudicial nonsense since the rapes are perceived as a game. It appears to be a state of mind, which I would call skinhead. It is hard to comprehend any person so sleazy they can actually use that as cop out for working, but eight years later that is the standard mentality. What happened to me never should have taken place, and it should have been cleared up the first time I reported it. The men are quite proud of how well they can force the ring and game in some women’s life and take control of the situation which supposedly implies power. They only have to destroy the female totally for silence and her life and so they do. I believe it is about some twisted type of win that is component of their sick and destructive game. It is very dark and the men appear to beat down the women with rapes and violence. It is supposed to ensure passivity. This is the message they seem to be trying to give. I refused to be mistreated or any second rate version of law enforcement, so they did none. In my books the only way to clean up the case is with an overseeing party outside of the force and with an agency that has some responsibility toward protecting the public and some objectivity and accountability.

Some one should care about all the women getting murdered, and maybe being part of the human race is a requirement. I will have no dealings with the mental health team since that is a smokescreen to cover up negligence and corruption. I have decided not to be involved in any cases after the fact and it is my choice to have nothing further to do with law enforcement. What took place was a joke for a case with dirty cops cleverly trying to catch themselves in between their game and leaking out what was really going on . It was then up to the force to do a real case and investigate and clear it up or play hooker game and do nothing. They chose the latter. I have done all I can do but the problem is law enforcement and so the solution has to stem from outside the system because the police force is involved in gang activity and it too evil certainly to effectively police itself. The force was obviously capitalizing on the abuse of my ex and based on how far it went, I will not be involved in any capacity with the case or testimonies or any version of police work. The eight year hissy fit someone stood up to their game is still not over. I withdrew and the harassment continues with the attitude I must be involved. I have made my decision. I happen to be autistic and I cannot deal with violence like most people. They seem to be trying to use enough continued violence for a cover-up involving myself. The prostitution ring operates out of law enforcement and that is whose responsibility it is and problem. The missing women’s case was supposed to be about solving the murders. The force is only covering up the facts and the game and ring and the murder attempts they have implicated themselves in. The police complaints commission was told by the force I was manipulated into an undercover operation and that I had testified by the force in regards to the pig farm. I was kidnapped with date rape drugs by a cop and gave no testimony. The records from the hospital admissions and the force would tell the real story of what happened on the case and I challenge someone to collect them. Once the real story is told the facts explain the case and ring and all the women’s deaths. Since the force spent 100 million dollars covering this up, I do believe this needs to be exposed. The truth about the whole situation needs to go public so that this does not continue and the corruption and abuse stops. The police force is not responsible or credible as they continue rapes and beatings. That level of a power trip is pretty extreme so apparently they are not planning on catching themselves.

Weak men project their problems on to women in the sex trade because they cannot fight back. The sex trade seems to underscore what men’s problems are. The problem is an evasion of responsibility within the force that the men have down to an art form. There is a priority of kickback and financial motivations. The force is certainly involved in an illegal adoption ring in spite of what their story is. During the case I worked on a Murphy movie set and a party was arranged after the movie wrapped. Some of the extras met at the Yale and I had my drink spiked by a cop and wound up almost killed. I went to the hospital the next day and reported it. I recognized the cop going by in a cruiser as a tail on the case. For a period of time I was given a tail at Kits Beach and during the evening . The person behind the murder attempt was a black person and the force did a two year case. They planned a bust and then never followed through. The person broke almost every bone in my face and tried an overdose attempt. Two women were found dumped on the outskirt of town, overdosed and the assumption was it was the same killer. I believe this to be true. I dropped the case since at the point torture began and the force refused to clean up their “game” There was a scope and lighting apparatus aimed at my back yard from the apartment balcony behind my building. Since the matter was not handled a hit went into motion. The force handed the case to public mischief and according to the report if they have enough public mischief reports regarding myself they will do an arrest regarding myself. We can all tell leadership is lacking if not non existent on the VPD.

They are setting the women up as sitting ducks and then acting like it is coming from somewhere else. There is a delineating line between mental health and evil and when the cops are honest enough to find it perhaps they can clean up their mess. Things really need to change because rape is rape, kidnapping is kidnapping and murder is murder and all of it illegal and a violation of the charter of rights. Calling it a game does not make it a game. It is a hate crime towards women and that is what cops seem to miss, possibly because they are more feminine than women. It has nothing to do with the sex trade, it is just a hate crime version of a game to rape and abuse women. A law needs to be implemented to have it dealt with appropriately so the men have a clear method of applying the law . It is totally absurd in an enlightened so called society this is taking place with all the destroyed lives and abuse. Men are supposed to protect women and children . All of it is illegal yet the force tolerates it as a male game. In essence it is simply a cover for money laundering and sadists and child molesters and rapists with a cover ring in law enforcement. They are hiding the activity and sanctioning the abuse as legal within the system. At the end of the nightmare excuse for a case I have seen what real evil is, the cops on the Vancouver Police Force. The destroyed lives and children so a group of men can exploit them illegally is inexcusable. The gang behind it appears fairly slick, and they can blend in with society well and in the medical and psychiatric field. These deviant men will never lack for a female to abuse with sadism or violence. This is the reality of the sex trade. That would be called a criminal not a cop. So as long as cops run a prostitution ring then these are the men that will provide the service. It plain and simple does not work and it never will based on the reality of the male sex. Now if cops happened to fit into that category, they could do the math and would be aware of reality. A child in a home with a pedophile grows up as an object not a person. This was the status of children in the David Copperfield days. Children had to work and were left to fend alone. In all this time society is going backward basically because men in law enforcement have become to weak to do their jobs. They are instead picking on the most vulnerable women out there and the children. There is something really wrong with our current law enforcement system and government for the fact this took place and continues to do so and that women and children are not being protected by the law or government in this province. It is a sign that the system has become too materialistic and crooked and people should be the priority. At the end of the case I see what the real problem is these men project on to the women. They really hate women, it’s not about the sex trade workers, they are just easy targets. It’s a mental health issue for sure, they hate what they are, women. I also learned how deviant men will behave if they may. Like animals when there are no social controls.

In Vietnam the men on drugs bombed hospitals and schools and there is a famous photo of a nine year old girl running down the street naked on fire from napalm. In the insanity of wars and racist murders, men will do what they can get away with. Government and law enforcement and normal men are supposed to be responsible for the situation. It is a little strange the government cannot oversee the police force properly but that should be done properly so the justice system remains uncorrupted. Just as in law enforcement when men do not do their jobs properly complete corruption goes unnoticed or corrected and then the system collapses on the weakest members of society. To fail to correct this is to creates a skinhead, white supremacist society. When rape is viewed as joke, then supposedly the problem doesn’t exist. Assuming that bringing a game into law enforcement not going to have a backlash effect, is incorrect. It is called rape and not a game in reality and the consequences of it and the end result play out the same every day of the week. Evil . To degrade some women’s life to the level of a game, degrades also the dignity of all humanity that tolerates this What exactly would cops call it if their body was raped for a game and beaten? How amusing would they think it was? How many hoops would they expect to jump through for basic law enforcement? Most of us can spell skinhead without too much difficulty. No person would call it a joke but the level of sexism with in the skinhead culture is overwhelming and this is viewed as supposedly normal.The spineless neanderthal cops on the VPD, have the same warped level of sexist behavior and outlook. The cops would have to take responsibility for their illegal so called game and the crooked money laundering ring and clear it up and deal with it to resolve the problems. Also they would have to take responsibility for their crooked case. They seem to be too weak to figure out their emasculated issues actually belong to them not the women they project them on. By the end of the case I do certainly realize the seriousness of their collective problem. The reality is their game is the only venue where any of them ever will ever look like men, so they refuse to clean it up. It is a little weird the men and cops view this game and ring as powerful and in the final analysis, the level of evil is so mindblowing, I have trouble believing it. It’s a sign of the times that law enforcement is using the drug technology to exploit and abuse women and children. Law enforcement has currently ceased to do what it is supposed to. The priority has become about a skinhead type of power and the men are a militia type person who seems to need to fight. The extreme power trip the men are on has many casualties in custody, it is indicative of the cowards they are that they pick on and batter women in the sex trade who have done nothing wrong. It is a hate crime, the men go looking for women to abuse on duty and then use their badges to abuse them and stalk them and rape them. These women have enough problems in their line of work and enough predators and yet the cops seem to need to bully them and abuse them for some twisted joke of a game. They need to feel like men. Physical violence is apparently some testosterone thrill. Society tolerates what the cops are pulling. Rape is an act of violence. It is not actually okay to use violence to rape women and beat them for fighting back or going public. The corruption behind this with the police complaints commission and the solicitor general’s office needs to be addressed and cleaned up and resolved.. There needs to be public accountability for the crooked case and murders and the folks overseeing law enforcement need to get the job done now or else they need to be replaced. It is quite negligent that this is taking place and the men do need to work since people’s lives are being lost and destroyed. Certain men are not taking responsibility for their job’s mandate and their responsibility to the general public at all and this is called corruption. This needs to change. It appears almost every department in this city is corrupt. I do beleive the citizens of Vancouver need to demand to have this resolved as they did the farm and things will get done.The people paying their salaries should call the shots. Evil exists only when good men do nothing. Something needs to be done with the completely crooked force to clean this situation up. Money should not dictate what the law happens to be and if women are killed , that is not justice. I know all the women and their children and families do deserve real justice.